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My new question is should I replace the nut(it's a Floyd Rose lock down .... defective locking nut, or nut slot cut too deep, you can replace a bad ...

Nut slot depth? - Hello. How can I tell if my nut slots are not deep enough? I suspect that my action, at least on the bass side may be a little too high at the first fret. But to some degree, the relief and bridge height would affect this as well yes? So how can I know how low the slots should be? Guitar is a 1998 ES-165. Nut slots too deep? - Justin Guitar Community String height at nut/first fret is good, but strings are completely inside those slots. AFAIK especially bass strings shouldn't be completely inside nut slots. So filing that nut from top, would bring those strings out of the slot a bit. No filing the slots, but the nut itself. Should nut slots be cut V-shaped, or semi-circle? | The ... The bottom of the slot should be round. It doesn't matter how deep the string is in the slot because once you get beyond the 1/2 way mark, the nut makes no contact anyway. Nut Slot Depth --how Deep Is Too Deep? - Solidbody Guitar ...

Hi everyone, new guy here and first post. I've had my 2017 Les Paul Classic T in Goldtop for about a week now, and from day one the 1st string nut slot seems to be cut to too deep causing the open note to choke out or buzz, more noticeable on up strokes.

DIY: How to Set Up a Fender Stratocaster (Nut-slotting files are available from online suppliers, including Luthiers Mercantile, Stewart-MacDonald, and even eBay.) Slowly cut the slot, paying very close attention to the angle of the nut file. It should match the descending angle of the string, from the face of the nut to the post where the... What happens when the nut height of a bass guitar is too…

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Is Your Nut Driving You Nuts? | Apr 15, 2016 ... If you cut deeper slots into a nut while the neck is bowed, and straighten the neck ... If you must, be sure to tune it to pitch when testing its height. Common Setup Problems Affecting Beginners | Hub Guitar The neck should be totally straight, or have a slight amount of forward bow. ... The optimal nut slot depth is as follows: the string should rest as low as possible ... The Nut | Chicago Luthiers Workshop

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Quick Nut Fix – Quick Nut Fix. Pinging And Buzzing Are The Symptoms. How To Fix It Fast. If you’ve ever worked on your nut, you know how easy it is to go a little too far in the search of comfortable low actionSmall files (gauged nut slotting files for the perfectionists). Your choice of files range from a fingernail file... Using Super Glue to rebuild nut slots... : General... : The… My nut slots work, but there is a fair amount of age and "chew". I think the nut is original, but itIt should work fine on this nut...obviously older material. I'll let someone who does it regularly do itRecently, I needed to fix a nut slot that I filed a bit too deep. My past efforts with CA glue weren't that... "LIVE PLAY " THIS IS HOW SLOTS SHOULD... - YouTube HIGH LIMIT SLOTS IS MY PASSION! This is what my channel is all about. "MAKING MONEY" from "HIGH LIMIT SLOTS". I am not trying to beat the casino's, that's al... How to Play Deep Stack No-Limit Hold'em Properly