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Hit and Run. Verb. To leave a table after only a brief period of play, especially when the player doing so leaves the table with more money or chips than they joined it with. EXAMPLE: "Even though it feels bad when someone takes my money and runs, I would rather lose to someone who hits and runs than to someone who stays at the table.

Expected Value - Texas Hold'em An explanation of what Expected Value (EV) means in poker, including two ... + EV - This is a positive expectation play that will win money over the long run. ... Possible results and their probabilities: Call, hit flush = +$150 p(hit flush) = 0.2 Call, ... The Days Of The Advantage Video Poker Player Are Going, Going... One, it's often not worth the hourly rate to run ... to be positive even if I don't hit a Royal Flush. Static and Dynamic Board Textures in Poker | Tournament Poker Edge ...

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Online poker is not beatable!? - Online Poker - CardsChat™ It is about her quitting poker and leaving pokerstars team. ... made it to 250$ testerday, but spent most of it again. just hit a big win and run! .... In high stakes it's only beatable for special people, that's what she means probably. Poker Glossary - ConJelCo All-In: To run out of chips while betting or calling. In table stakes .... Hit: As in "the flop hit me," meaning the flop contains cards that help your hand. If you have AK ...

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Hit-and-run pronunciation and definition - YouTube Learn how to pronounce Hit-And-Run in English correctly - pronunciation of Hit-And-Run ★ http://Learn2Pronounce.com ★ Click show more for definition of ... Hit-and-run accident definition and meaning | Collins ... Hit-and-run accident definition: a motor-vehicle accident in which the driver leaves the scene without stopping to give... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ... Hit and run - Idioms by The Free Dictionary hit-and-run 1. adjective (used before the noun) Guilty of causing a motor-vehicle accident and fleeing the scene so as not to be identified and held responsible ... Hit and Run Strategy - MBA Skool-Study.Learn.Share.

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Hit and run is a term used in poker and is explained in detail in our lengthy definition. Hit Poker Meaning - Hits A Hand - Hitting a Flop - Hit and Run